Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Recognizing and acceptance of the truth or fact of:
I acknowledge that I lack conscious awareness of my thought patterns and beliefs which makes my life unfulfilled.

Open Mind
Willing to personally explore new ideas and possibilities.
I accept the possibility that cultivating an intuitive relationship with my Being will increase my conscious awareness.

The process of adjusting parts into proper attunement
I make a decision to align my will with my Being’s intuitive guidance.

Developed understanding of a situation or condition
I take action to gain awareness of my thought patterns and beliefs.

A close association based upon compassionate understanding
I acknowledge the effects of my self-defeating thought patterns and beliefs to myself, my Being and another.

To abandon oneself entirely to; give in to
I surrender my investment in all thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve me.

The quality of being dedicated to a cause
I commit to acting upon my Being’s intuitive guidance.

The quality or state of being prepared to do something; readiness.
I identify the self-defeating aspects of my present life and become willing to address them.

Conscious Creation
Deliberate and intuitive process of bringing something into existence
I consciously create experiences that honor my intuitive truth and fulfill my fundamental needs.

Conformity in the application of something
I continue to gain awareness of my thought patterns and beliefs and surrender my investment in those which are self-defeating.

Conscious Awareness
The cultivation of a deliberate and intuitive understanding
I continue to cultivate an intuitive relationship with my Being; creating new life-affirming experiences that honor my intuitive truth.

The action of helping or doing work that supports love’s expression
Having become a Conscious Creator, I set forth to guide others, who are willing, to do the same.

Collective Consciousness
A group whose individual attitudes and motivations are in harmony with a specific cause
We form alliances with other Conscious Creators who share similar motivations

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

To Embrace One’s Humanity.

To challenge one’s accepted identity.

To reunite with one’s creative power.

To embrace one’s humanity.

To hold one’s humanity up to the light, so that one can see their dark unacknowledged parts. Those aspects within us all that squander potential. Mind you that this potential is not ego centered. It is not a potential that seeks to establish superiority but rather explore possibilities. To embrace this gift of life in a human body. To cherish this opportunity rather than squander it through the telling of stories that limit and confine us.

In opening one’s heart, the mind becomes reunited with its own creator. Stories slip away. Peace becomes rather than pursued. People are seen in the likeness of the being they possess, even if they cannot see this within themselves. True leadership is nothing more than the ability to remind others of their true nature, their fundamental essence. True loving kindness grows through cultivating that which has been neglected. Loving that which is already loving us, if we would simply stop running away from it. Trying to replace it with things, material.

In actually dissolving this story, we become reacquainted with a truth so uniquely ours, much like a sky of snowflakes. We are all messengers. We all see and know and sense this great expansive oneness in a unique and independent way. This is our birth right.

A thought is never fully formed much like a loving embrace never really ends. It has happened. We have experienced it, it can always be called upon to comfort us in the future, no matter how dark and isolated our days can become. We can bury these gems of emotional oneness with others but we cannot delete them from our experience. They did happen. We were there to experience them. Our minds can take those moments and add meaning as we grow further from them. We try to hold on to them, to grasp them, possess them. Chasing something implies that they cannot not be experienced again.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Principle One: I acknowledge that lack of conscious awareness makes my life unfulfilled.


Recognizing and acceptance of the truth or fact of:

I acknowledge that lack of conscious awareness makes my life unfulfilled.

We are always aware of something. We are always aware of some aspect of our reality. We can become so aware that we begin to concentrate solely upon it. This can happen with both our inner and outer worlds. It does not seem to matter if this reality or personal identity is fancied or real, once we become fixated on it, we become identified with it. This aspect of our reality becomes a part of us. We begin to protect our perception of the reality we perceive as if we were protecting ourselves. If this perceived reality holds little value to us, then we have unknowingly devalued ourselves. In either instance, we begin to reject opportunities that do not correlate with what we have accepted to be our identity.

With this, our viewpoint or concept of reality becomes limited.

We see what we want to see and what we see, is a reflection of who believe ourselves to be.

In these instances we are still aware, in some cases, we are hyper aware. Sometimes this awareness is upon nothing but a story inside of our own minds. This story is comprised of lingering fragments of our past experiences. This inner narrative within our minds controls our awareness of the past. This sort of awareness is also distorted and limiting. As we have moved away from so many seemingly fateful past experiences, our minds perception of those experiences becomes increasingly distorted. Our recollection of the past slowly becomes the next chapter in the personal narrative with our minds.

You know on some level that your life, created up to this point, as you read these very words, was not simply the hand of fate. Deep down you know that you are not fated to endure. Deep down there is a quiet voice that knows otherwise. This voice of intuitive truth can guide you beyond the mold of your conditioned mind.

Our relationship with this fundamental essence must be cultivated. It must be honored. To avail our mind and its awareness to this sacred part of our Being within us, avails us true creative power. Our being has its own consciousness of which, we must be made aware of. The quality of the reality we collectively share and enjoy depends on our willingness to cultivate this intuitive relationship. The consciousness of our Being is connected to a universal consciousness. We are the protons, neutrons and electrons who comprise the universal atom. We all have our unique energetic charge. This charge is an energy vibration. It is our true essence. If we are not vibrating in our homeostasis, we are off balance. We are not consciously aware. We have diminished our awareness of our intuitive truth. For most of us, we limit the qualities of our lives and personal relationships with the unconscious awareness we sustain.

We become Unconscious Creators.

Not only are we unaware of our Being’s Consciousness, we are also unaware of our own thoughts and the effect they have on our quality of life. Many of us are totally unaware the fact that we are motivated by fear. Fear involves running, fighting and freezing. If you find yourself at odds with your environment then your fear has compelled you to fight. If you find yourself avoiding your environment then your fear has compelled you to flee. If you find yourself in the throes of apathetic inaction, then your fear has compelled you to freeze. This fearfulness creates an instinctively reactive mindset.

This fear driven mindset has no choice but to attempt to control its environment. This environment includes people, places and things. By universal law, there is always an internal “thing” that are somehow supporting the validity of the external environment we experience. These things are usually Unconscious Thought Patterns and Self-Defeating Beliefs. If someone believes that they are incapable or unworthy, then their patterns of though and subsequent action will support this belief.

These habitual rituals needs to be brought to our awareness.

“Until we make the unconscious conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate”.
-Carl Jung

In this process you will slowly bring the unconscious recesses of your mind into your awareness. In doing so, you will see that this fate may be more self-perpetuated than you realized. As this new awareness naturally grows, you will become increasingly less identified with your habitual mind and the character it sustains. As your unknown allegiances to unconscious creation become known, they can also become surrendered. You can actually become unidentified with a belief you supported which caused you unknowing frustration and suffering. This self-defeating belief and the unconscious thought patterns that supported its validity slowly begin to dissolve. They become untrue for us. As you proceed through this process, the voice of fear and control will become whispered and then vanish from your awareness. In the same instance, your inner voice of intuitive truth will become more apparent. This process facilitates an actual changing of the guard within our mind. Fear and control will give way to an intuitive truth that supports love’s expression. As we reach inner homeostasis we consciously create our lives from this sacred space. The more we practice the principles outlined in this process, the more we will consistently align our creative ability with a power far greater than our learned doubts and fears.

Slowly, our moments begin to change.

Our relationships begin to change.

Our abilities begin to change.

Our degree of fulfillment begins to change.

Our fundamental needs beyond those of survival come into our awareness.

As this occurs, we become increasingly more willing to act upon our intuition’s subtle viewpoint. With this willingness we have also rediscovered a desire that we were not aware of.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Aligning our Creative Will with our Being's Intuitive Guidance to Create New Patterns of Thought and Action


The process of adjusting parts into proper attunement

I make a decision to align my Creative Will with my Being’s intuitive guidance.

How many decisions do you make over the course of a day?

How many actions do you take over the course of your day that are based upon decisions you made a long time ago?

When you get up and take a shower and go to work, did you decide to do this in the moment or did your crazy alarm trigger your mind to engage it, thus setting a whole bunch of ingrained and automatic actions into motion?

Think about it.

Your alarm wakes you up and you go through the motions, still half asleep, of getting yourself ready to head out. If you have children, you do the same with them. You know exactly when you need to get up in order to complete your morning ritual and get to work on time.

What if you disrupted this ingrained pattern by setting your alarm an hour earlier to do some sort of activity that was totally outside of your established pattern?

Say, for example, that you decided to work out, do yoga or practice piano during that extra hour. How would your mind respond to such a decision? Would it be resistant? Would it fight you every step of the way? Would you hear your mind come up with a barrage of all sorts of angry reasons why this is a bad idea?

This is a very common reaction to any disruption in our established routine.

Are you someone who immediately reaches for your phone to check your Facebook account upon waking up? What if you made a decision to put this ritual off until after you meditated for 20 minutes? In the beginning, you would probably experience your minds automatic pull towards getting online. Yes, you could chalk it up to an internet addiction, but how is this possible? In reality your mind has simply established ingrained automatic thought pathways that compel you to do the same thing over and over.

It matters not if it is Facebook, a morning cigarette or compulsively imagining about the “what if’s” that surely await you in the day to come.

These are all habitual patterns of thought and subsequent action that we have established through repetition. They are often as automatic as tying our shoe laces.

With the work we do in Conscious Creators, we must first become aware of our patterns then decide how they add or detract to the quality of our daily lives. This sort of decision is often overlooked. These decisions lay the ground work for further decisions that involve creating new habits already listed above. Once we decide we would like to do something different. We must then decide to align our Creative Will with our Being’s intuitive guidance. We simply acknowledge that our specific pattern is self-defeating and request intuitive guidance in cultivating a new pattern that is life affirming to replace it. At this point, we simply carry on about our day as usual.

In our experience, within a short period of time, we will become inspired to do something. Maybe its 20 push ups or making our bed first thing in the morning. Maybe its meditation for 5 minutes. Some sort of intuitive suggestion will find its way to us. When we recognize it, all we need to do is simply begin acting upon it.

We have made a beginning.

This builds organically over time. Before we know it, we have created a whole hour of new, life affirming activity to start our day which has slowly become more automatic than our past ingrained pattern.

It begins to override it.

As this occurs, other intuitive suggestions will come to us.

Please note, that these suggestions often find us through our routine dealings with others with whom we are consciously connected. This includes our roommates, partners, coworkers, friends etc. They will say something which strongly resonates with us. Perhaps one of them begins talking about a yoga class they take or a workout routine they have found helpful. In that moment, something moves us deep inside. This is our intuition letting us know that within this interaction, a clue or piece of the puzzle has been presented to us. This requires our awareness to recognize and our Creative Will to begin to practice.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Asked to Accept the Possibility

Asked to accept the possibility;

In Principle Two we are asked to accept the possibility that forming an intuitive relationship with our Being would increase our conscious awareness.

By increasing conscious awareness of our own thought structures, we discover the power to change those very same thought structures.

This marks the beginning of our personal empowerment. As this awareness grows, so too, does our ability to create a new experience. As our awareness increases, so too does our power to make different choices. We will no longer be locked into making the same automatic, often self-defeating decisions, which left us unfulfilled.

In order for this to happen, we have to tap into a power that can guide us in literally changing our minds.

Little by little, with consistency and willingness, we can take an active role in our own personal transformation.
This transformation can be defined as a thorough or dramatic change in mindset and expression.

After all, these self-defeating beliefs did not manifest overnight. They took years or even decades to fully take control of our minds, to take control of our decisions, perceptions and actions. We had to engage in certain self-defeating situations time and time again for this to be cemented.

This is not due to fate.

These thought patterns and self-defeating beliefs are products of our conditioning. We created them, which means that we can intentionally create something different. In order for this to happen, we must be willing to accept this possibility.

Is it possible for you to create something different?

Do you have a desire to experience something other than your present reality?

Do you believe that this is possible?

Yes it is possible indeed, but we must first surrender our belief in who and what we are.

This is actually the gift of an open mind.

That’s what this principle is all about. It’s about opening our minds up to other possibilities.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flip on any episode of Hoarders to gain a clear example of how this Unconscious Personal Narrative Operates

A recruit who stands at attention while his drill sergeant screams commands at him is not open-minded.

He is anything but open-minded. This recruit, and his drill sergeant, for that matter, are both closed off to love and truth. This is reflected in their body language. As the recruit stands at attention screaming “yes sir” and “no sir” he is concerned mainly with not making a mistake or getting in trouble. He is in this sort of low grade instinct activation where unconscious personal narratives thrive and fundamental needs for love, intimacy and creative expression remain unfulfilled.

Interestingly enough, the tone in which that drill sergeant barks his orders to the trembling recruit is not much different than that used by the inner narrator within our minds.

It is both the tone and the nature of commands given by our own inner drill sergeant that limits our ability to remain open and intuitively guided. This voice which has driven so many of us through life, is only heard within our own mind. In fact, the main reason this voice exists is to block out the voice of our intuition, which could also be called the voice of reason.

Flip on any episode of Hoarders to gain a clear example of how this unconscious personal narrative operates. The hoarder has a plan, story and reason for everything in their collection no matter how this collection may appear to the skeptical onlooker. These onlookers see the hoarder’s precious keepsakes as trash and literal filth.

What’s the difference?

What makes the same item trash for one man and treasure for another?

Well, quite simply, it’s the meaning that the individual places upon the item.

That's it really, nothing more.

That's the way The Unconscious Personal Narrative works, too.

The more we hoard, either material scraps or mental scraps, the less room there is for anything else to come into our lives.

Sure, the thoughts we have supported over the course of our lifetime may be familiar like the surroundings of a broken down estate may be for a hoarder, but do these thoughts help us fulfill our fundamental needs? Or, do they merely distract us from the self-defeating emotions brought about by the beliefs we support?

There is no wrong way to go here but we could benefit from becoming aware of the fact that there is no room for other treasures to find us if we use all our creative energy supporting stories about empty tuna cans.

When we are connected to our intuition, suggestions do not have the same influence on us. Instead, we are less fearful. Our capacity for love expands. Our incessant need to acquire things begins to lift. We don’t eat to change our feelings. We do not purchase to distract ourselves or have sex for validation. Shopping, sex and eating are not the issue. The real issue is our lack of fulfillment, which compels us to seek relief in the first place.

Over time, we will be able to distinguish within our own minds, the master from the substitution, our personal narrative from our personal truth. We will begin to grasp the difference between superficial needs and those needs which are fundamental.

We will be able to see the world for what it is rather than what our narrative perceives it as being.

This is a process.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

In Aligning Our Will

In Aligning Our Will:

Don't be nice simply to get something that will give you pleasure. Find the emanating pleasure center within you and give freely of it.

Don't compromise the profound nature of of your life's work with self doubt in your worthiness to be its care taker.

Be grateful for the option of being able to grateful.

There is nothing left to protect.

Thank your Unconscious Character for its insane attempts at protecting you.

There is no more time to create pain of your own making.

The damage you try to fix in others is the same you protect within yourself.

I am love therefore I am worthy of receiving and giving love and supporting loves expression.

I am willing and desire to discover love that reflects and honors my intuitive truth. None other will suffice.

Alignment of one's Creative Will with Infinite Intelligence puts us in direct position to be of service to love's expression.

It all begins with nurturing and loving our children. When we neglect them and their needs we have gotten off track.

You love your children as you love yourself.